Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

Big Data is a group of statistics this is big in volume, but developing exponentially with time. It is a statistics with so massive length and complexity that none of conventional statistics control equipment can shop it or method it efficiently. Big statistics is likewise a statistics however with big length. Effectively harnessing the value of Big Data requires experimentation and investigation. During this session, the researcher can discuss Big Data drivers, features, types, challenges, applications, of Hadoop in Big Data.


  • Track 1-1Data types for Big data
  • Track 1-2Big Data analytics adoption

Big Data Analytics examines and analyzes huge amounts of data, i.e Big data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help companies make more informed business decisions. Software can pave the way for Big Data Analytics to deliver various business benefits, including new revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, improved operational efficiencies, competitive advantages, and better customer service


  • Track 2-1Benefits of Big Data Analytics
  • Track 2-2Barriers to Big Data Analytics
  • Track 2-3Volume Growth of Analytic Big Data
  • Track 2-4Managing Analytic Big Data

A data model is a strategy for composing and storing data. A data model encourages us and organises data according to administration, access, and use, much like the Dewey Decimal System does for books in a library. Big Data is information that is so large that it cannot fit in the primary memory of a single machine. The necessity to process big data using expert algorithms occurs in areas such as Internet search, traffic monitoring, AI, logical figuring, signal behaviour, and a few others.

Big data is data that is too large to fit in a single system's main memory, and the necessity to process big data using organised methods arises in machine learning, scientific computing, signal processing, and Internet search, network traffic monitoring, and other domains. To turn data into useful information, advanced tools (analytics and algorithms) must be used.


  • Track 3-1Data Stream Algorithms
  • Track 3-2Randomized Algorithms for Matrices and Data
  • Track 3-3Algorithmic Techniques for Big Data Analysis
  • Track 3-4Models of Computation for Massive Data

Huge volumes of data are referred to as "big data." Because the data originates from a multitude of sources, it may be too varied and large for traditional technology to handle. As a result, having the expertise and infrastructure to handle it wisely is critical. Many of the big data solutions that are particularly popular right now are suitable for use in this context.


  • Track 4-1GEOSS clearinghouse
  • Track 4-2Distributed and parallel computing
  • Track 4-3Big data storage architecture

Cloud computing is the provision of computing services (servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analytics, etc.)  Cloud computing relies on resource sharing  to achieve synergies and economies of scale, like a  utility. The companies that provide these computing services are called cloud providers and typically charge for cloud computing services based on usage.

 Cloud computing provides on-demand computing resources and services. Users can easily assemble the desired infrastructure of  compute instances and cloud-based storage resources, connect cloud services, upload datasets, and perform analytics in the cloud. cloud. Users can commit virtually unlimited resources to the public cloud, use those resources for as long as needed, and then ignore the environment, paying only for real resources and services that  used.


  • Track 5-1Cloud Computing Applications
  • Track 5-2Cloud Automation and Optimization
  • Track 5-3High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Track 5-4Mobile Cloud Computing

Automated thinking is  data executed by machines or software represented by machines, unlike natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. The assessment of AI  is surprisingly distinctive and focused, and largely isolated from sub-fields that often hate arguing with each other. It underpins artificial creativity, artificial neural structures, adaptive systems, cybernetics, ontology, and knowledge sharing.

 Machine learning is a  data analysis method that automates the creation of analytic models. This is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention.


  • Track 6-1Cybernetics
  • Track 6-2Artificial creativity
  • Track 6-3Artificial Neural networks

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interconnected, Internet-connected objects capable of collecting and transmitting data over a wireless network without human intervention.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a network of interdependent physical devices, computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals, or people that are assigned a unique identifier ( UID) and the ability to connect, collect, and exchange data or to transmit data. over the network without requiring human-to-human or human-computer interaction.


  • Track 7-1Medical and Healthcare
  • Track 7-2Environmental monitoring
  • Track 7-3Consumer application
  • Track 7-4Transportation

Robotics is the time period applied in laptop technological know-how that offers with a have a look at of creating sensible and good value robots. Almost all of the sports going on across the robotic and inside the surrounding surroundings is perceived through the robots. Robots feel and understand thru their integrated sensors to be able to be aware about what’s going on round them. Robotic generation high-powered through AI has usually been regarding analytics from its advent. Robots have the capacity of sensing and perceiving know-how thru their sensors. For years currently, we've trusted technology and borrowed analytics from methodologies including gadget gaining knowledge of and lots of others. However, synthetic intelligence regularly got here up with a few authentic evaluation and strategies. These strategies are generally designed for locating synthetic intelligence related problems, but later they may be used for any application.

The consultation deliberation is on Robotics, Robot locomotion, Computer vision, Advanced robotics, Robot Dynamics, Nuclear robotics, Human robotic interaction, Micro and Nano robots, Robotic Rehabilitation Systems, Autonomous Robots, Cognitive Robotics, Neural network, Research on Robotics, Applications of Robotics at Big Data 2022 at webinar.


  • Track 8-1Neural network
  • Track 8-2Nano robotics
  • Track 8-3 Rehabilitation systems

Information illustration is visible with the aid of using severa orders as a gift likeness visible correspondence. It isn't held with the aid of using any person field, but as a substitute discovers translation crosswise over severa. It covers the association and research of the visible illustration of information, indicating "information that has been dreamy in a few schematic structure, which include attributes or variables for the devices of information".


  • Track 9-1Open Data, Government and Governance
  • Track 9-2Scalar visualization techniques
  • Track 9-3Future trends in scientific visualization
  • Track 9-4Frame work for flow visualization

Social network analysis (SNA), also known as network  science,is a subject of information analytics that makes use of networks and graph idea to apprehend social structures .Social network analysis (SNA) is the development system of searching at social systems via the usage of networks and graph theory. It characterizes networked systems in phrases of lumps (person actors, people, or matters inside the community) and the ties, edges, or links (relationships or interactions) that join them.


  • Track 10-1Development of social network analysis
  • Track 10-2Analyzing relational data
  • Track 10-3Networks and relations.

Analytics is at the vanguard of enterprise growth, serving as an critical keystone to evaluate what has passed off withinside the past, and have an impact on your company’s future. Improving common overall performance throughout agencies of various sizes – agencies who embody analytics permit their IT departments to provide effects on efficiency. The attention of this consultation is Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics, Benefits of the use of enterprise analytics, Challenges that include the adoption of enterprise analytics, Mistakes made in enterprise analytics, Outsourcing enterprise analytics, Top enterprise analytics equipment and so on.


  • Track 11-1Emerging phenomena
  • Track 11-2Technology drives and business analytics
  • Track 11-3Capitalizing on a growing marketing opportunity
  • Track 11-4Correlation Analysis
  • Track 11-5Linear Programming
  • Track 11-6Neural Network Analysis

In nursing research,With advances in technologies, nurse scientists are more and more more producing and the usage of massive and complicated datasets, from time to time called “BigData,” to sell and enhance Health Conditions. New techniques for gathering and specific exam massive datasets will permit us to higher recognize the biological, genetic, and behavioural underpinnings of health, and to enhance the manner we save you and manipulate illness.


  • Track 12-1Methods, tools and processes used with big data with relevance to nursing
  • Track 12-2Big Data and Nursing Practice
  • Track 12-3Big Data Technologies.

Big data is in prolonged use withinside the subject of medication and healthcare. In healthcare, big quantities of heterogeneous scientific statistics have turn out to be relevant in diverse healthcare organizations. The enormity and complexity of those datasets gift exquisite demanding situations in analyses and next programs to a sensible scientific environment. As era increases the value of healthcare is likewise growing greater and greater. Big statistics is a exquisite assisting hand in this issue. It is a exquisite assist for even physicians to hold song of all of the patients’ history.


  • Track 13-1Data mining and processing in bioinformatics, genomics, and biometrics
  • Track 13-2Bio-Surveillance
  • Track 13-3Electronic Health Records
  • Track 13-4Real-time Alerting

Big Data is a modern phenomenon has currently won a few interest in reaction to the supply of exceptional quantities of facts and more and more more state-of-the-art algorithmic analytic techniques. Big facts play a vital position in reshaping the important thing components of forecasting through figuring out and reviewing the problems, potential, higher predictions, demanding situations and most significantly the associated applications.


  • Track 14-1Challenges for Forecasting with Big Data
  • Track 14-2Applications of Statistical and Data Mining Techniques for Big Data Forecasting
  • Track 14-3Forecasting the Michigan Confidence Index
  • Track 14-4Forecasting targets and characteristics

Nanoinformatics is the technology and exercise of figuring out which data is applicable to the nanoscale technology and engineering community, after which growing and enforcing powerful mechanisms for collecting, storing, validating, modelling, applying, analysing and sharing that data. Nano informatics additionally entails the usage of networked conversation equipment to release and assist green groups of exercise. Nanoinformatics is important for clever improvement and comparative characterization of nanomaterials, for layout and use of optimized Nanodevices and Nanosystems, and for improvement of superior instrumentation and production processes.


  • Track 15-1Nanomaterials Development Using Nanoinformatics
  • Track 15-2Meta data for Cross-discipline, Cross-sector Information Exchange
  • Track 15-3Meta-crawler for Mining Nanotechnology Repositories and Open Access Sources
  • Track 15-4Nano SAR Education and Dissemination
  • Track 15-5Simulation Resources and Challenge

In our electronic world, information protection and cyber security become respective terms. In this business, we are committed to keeping our customers' information, which has been obtained  with their permission, only for their use. It is an important factor if it is no longer directly evident. There's been a lot of overdue communication about Google's new privacy practices, and this conversation suddenly extends to other internet beasts like Facebook and the way they likewise manage and deal with our very own data.


  • Track 16-1Public key cryptography
  • Track 16-2Quantum Cryptography
  • Track 16-3Adaptive Systems
  • Track 16-4Data encryption
  • Track 16-5Data Hiding
  • Track 16-6Biomedicine

Big data has increased the need for fact-checking to such an extent that most of the major software companies in the world are investing in software companies that specialize in fact-testing and analysis. By a difficult calculation, one third of the data recorded in the world is in the form of text content alphanumeric and however image information this is the most favorable layout  for big data applications Best. Since most of the information is  generated instantaneously in a virtual setting, we have the ability and risk to convince the birth to facilitate subsequent linking and hyperlinking the robot to the generated information. before. There are distinct steps in the big data pricing technique and a few  demanding and not-so-unusual situations that underlie many, and sometimes all, of these steps.


  • Track 17-1Ecommerce and customer service
  • Track 17-2Telecommunication
  • Track 17-3E-Government
  • Track 17-4Public administration
  • Track 17-5Financial aspects of Big Data Industry
  • Track 17-6Finances and Frauds services
  • Track 17-7Web and Digital Media

Data science has become a whole new platform for organizations, turning mountains of data into actionable business insights that each affect a part of the business. Reality's ability to apply its technological know-how to make choices transparently and responsibly depends on many factors. Understanding data technology and device proficiency bridge the gap between the big truth and the usable truth. Technological automation of truth technology is reshaping the way app makers and builders across all industries work with major events. Before automation, it took months of data accumulation to determine which use cases could be brought to production. New automation technologies have removed guiding strategies tied to technological know-how from reality, democratizing strategies for leveraging existing assets, and enabling faster valuations.


  • Track 18-1Machine learning for pattern discovery
  • Track 18-2Machine learning for making predictions
  • Track 18-3Predictive causal Analytics
  • Track 18-4Prescriptive Analytics
  • Track 18-5Business Intelligence vs Data Science

By the assist of today’s era creation companies will honestly seize the statistics thru numerous gadgets and construct their methods that is good value and simplified. On the alternative hand, many organizations are seeking to shape and examine their statistics. Because of style of advantages, creation companies welcoming Big statistics implementation. During this time period, researchers will be able to speak about a variety of business solutions for big data via Banking and Securities, Communication, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare providers, Education, Manufacturing and herbal resources, Government sector, Insurance, Retail and complete sale trade, Transportation, Energy & Utilities and so on.


  • Track 19-1Banking and Securities
  • Track 19-2Communications, Media and Entertainment
  • Track 19-3Healthcare Providers

Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting (HyRef), which uses large facts analytics to count on the appropriable of renewable electricity. With the use of this tool, help convey more renewable electricity to the energy grid with the resource of the usage of predicting the availability of such electricity. It uses facts accrued from monitoring devices and analytical technology to generate accurate weather forecast internal renewable electricity tool devices.


  • Track 20-1Big Data and Analytics in weather forecasting
  • Track 20-2Advanced cloud imaging technology
  • Track 20-3Data sources, Ingestion, Processing and Storage Layer
  • Track 20-4Predicting Weather Conditions Based on Historical Data
  • Track 20-5Economic Growth in Renewable Energy Industry